5 Tips About the Art and Craft of Vocal Production

When it comes to music production, producing vocals is a very hefty and crafty task. This is because when we listen to the vocals in a song, it sounds like it is done in one take. However, in reality what we hear is a collection of multiple takes, which might have taken hours or even days to record. So, in this blog post I would like to provide 5 tips about the art and craft to vocal production,

Licensing your Music on TV Shows and Movies

They say that if a song gets placed in a successful TV show or movie, the royalties may last a lifetime. Being basically the equivalent of winning the lottery for a musician, licensing can be huge income source especially if it comes with a sizeable placement. In this blog post, I would like to provide […]

The crazy world of Text and Mobile Phone Carriers

Artists on the Adva Mobile marketing platform need to know that when they send out a Text Blast to their Fans, their Fans will get that text. And when Fans Text In to an Artist, that the Fan will get the right response on their phone and be opted in to the Fan Database. That’s […]

Why Is Creating Experiences So Important in Live Music

It looks like 2018 will be another record breaking year for the music industry.As summer approaches rapidly, the festival season and summer tours are getting started. Artists are making their final preps before hitting the road and fans are buying tickets to plan their summer ahead. Many music industry analysts say that in the last […]