Can You Be All Things to All People?

The idea of “being all things to all people” can have mixed connotations. For some, it may conjure images of greater connectedness or living out your hard-cultivated sense of empathy. For others, it may smack of inauthenticity or putting on faces to please others.

But let’s just assume for a minute that we all have good intentions and like to keep each other’s best interests in mind. How can we apply this principle in a positive way? First, let’s first look at what being all things to all people is and isn’t.

It isn’t:

  • Being fake in any way
  • Pretending to relate to people just to get on their good side
  • Convincing people you are something that you’re not (or that you’re not something that you are)
  • Telling people what you think they want to hear
  • Trying to change yourself to fit in
  • Convincing yourself that who you are is not good enough

It is:

  • Being your best self at all times
  • Listening to others and earnestly trying to understand them
  • Giving place to other people’s wants and needs
  • Looking for commonalities where you can legitimately connect
  • Being willing to adapt to varied situations without sacrificing your integrity
  • Finding ways that who you are or what you do can best be used to benefit other people and relationships

What does all of this have to do with the price of rice in China . . . or marketing yourself as an artist, for that matter? Everything! True fan engagement relies on your legitimately connecting with your fans. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to get you the deep engagement you need, because your fans are individuals.

Enter the Engagement Score. Adva Mobile’s platform enables you to keep track of how your fans are interacting with you, what they’re responding to, and more. What are they buying? What are they listening to or watching? How often do they react to your news or promos?

When you know who your fans are and at what level they interact with you, you can tailor your outreach to their style and, when the time comes to sell, target the people who want to buy from you. Some fans are just waiting to snap up your new single as soon as you release it; others may be holding out to see you play live when you come to town. Some may not spend much money themselves, but will proselytize everyone they know on your behalf; others are ready to drop coin any time you glance in their direction.

With fan Engagement Scores, you can filter your fan base based on their interactions with you, so the ones who need space can have space, the ones who want to be your BFF’s can hear from you alllll the time, and the ones who want to buy from you won’t miss an opportunity. It’s about knowing your fans and responding accordingly.

So, can you be all things to all people? At Adva Mobile, we say yes.

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