How to Prepare for Your First TV Appearance

TV shows are great resources to get more exposure for your art whether it is local or national TV. One could say that one of the rites of passage of an independent artist is the first TV appearance. I would say that in my experience, preparation is key when it comes to having a great first experience on TV, and overall a great starting point would be to treat this like a serious gig. So, here are a few rules of thumb that you should follow to make the most of this first experience.        


1) Do research about the TV show. This is the most important of all preparation you can make beforehand. Is it a talk show and you will play 1 or 2 songs? Or is it a music show where you will play a whole set? These are two different scenarios that need to be treated differently, so you can decide how to position yourself within the show based on this research. For instance, if you will play 1-2 songs, then they have to be rock solid tunes that reflect you because the audience will only hear these songs, so you have 2 songs to win them over.                                                                         

2) Dress like you will perform with your favorite artist. You do not want to look sloppy on a TV appearance. That doesn’t mean dress very formally, but I would say a good rule of thumb is to dress like you will perform with your favorite artist. I’m just hoping your favorite artist isn’t Kiss.       

3) Prepare like you prepare for a radio/press interview. Have a general idea of what will you say when the host interviews you. What is the occasion of your TV appearance?  Are you releasing a new album? Are you going on a new tour? Also, it would be helpful to provide some notes about your story as an artist and to provide some anecdotes.           

4) Do not swear on the screen. Please don’t.                                                                                 

5) Prepare a set that shows your versatility as an artist. The benefit of TV shows is exposure, so the more things you can show that you can do, the more opportunities you can get in the future through this performance.             

pexels-photo-134469.jpeg6) Rehearse beforehand. Treat your appearance like a serious gig. Keep in mind that whatever you will say or play will be on the internet forever, and mistakes can’t be erased.                                                                                                                                                      

7) Keep solos/interludes quick. TV audience do not have too much patience, so I would suggest keeping any intros, interludes and solos as short as possible, and rather focus on the body of the song and making it shine.                                                                  

8) Make sure to shout out your website and social media. Mention your social media and website during the TV show. You should make it easy for people to find you.                 

9) Ask for social media links of the performance afterwards. Always ask for the link or recording of the TV show for future reference. One TV show can lead to the next one!

Have you ever been on a TV Show? How did you prepare and how was your overall experience? Feel free to comment below!

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Alper Tuzcu is a Berklee College of Music and Denison University alumni, and a Boston based guitarist, songwriter and producer. His new EP ‘Lines’ was released on November 2017 and his debut eclectic album ‘Between 12 Waters’ featuring 8 different vocalists is available on Spotify. In addition to being a musician, he regularly teaches workshops and masterclasses internationally. You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter, and for more information you can visit his website


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