The crazy world of Text and Mobile Phone Carriers

Artists on the Adva Mobile marketing platform need to know that when they send out a Text Blast to their Fans, their Fans will get that text. And when Fans Text In to an Artist, that the Fan will get the right response on their phone and be opted in to the Fan Database.

That’s the point.

To make that happen, we integrate to the text interface of the cell phone carriers that serve mobile phone users in the US.

So, you’ve heard of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint? Check out this list:

Cincinnati Bell
Leap Wireless
United States Cellular Corp
Cellular South
Metro PCS
Virgin Mobile
Boost Mobile
Union Telephone
TracFone (AT&T)
West Central Wireless
Bluegrass Cellular
Carolina West Wireless
Rural Independent Network Alliance
East Kentucky Network
Illinois Valley Cellular
Inland Cellular
Nex Tech Communications
Pine Cellular
DTC Wireless
Alaska Communications Systems (ACS)
United Wireless
GCI Communications
Thumb Cellular
Cross Wireless
Chat Mobility
Northwest Missouri Cellular
Pioneer Cellular
Panhandle Wireless
Element Mobile
Golden State Cellular
Viaero Wireless
Plateau Wireless
Cellular One
Cleartalk (Flat Wireless)
Epic Touch
Mosaic Telecom
Peoples Wireless
Duet IP
Chariton Valley Cellular
MobileNation/SI Wireless
MTA Wireless/Matanuska
Kenai SRT Communications
US Aio Wireless
Sagebrush Cellular
Google Voice

Amazing, isn’t it! And there are more!

Adva Mobile sends and receives Text Messages for Artists on all these networks. And we manage all the “RULES” for Text Marketing for all these Carriers (which are not all the same!) so our Artists don’t have to.

So now you know.

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