4 Ways You Can Use Exclusive Content for Superfans

One of the greatest features of text marketing is sharing exclusive content for your fans. The proposition is simple, you reward your superfans with exclusive content in exchange of sharing their mobile numbers. In this blog post, I would like to provide some examples as to what kind of exclusive content you can share with your fans through Adva:

1) Preview brand new songs

Nothing says ‘exclusive’ like giving your fans the chance to listen new songs before anyone else. This not only makes them feel important for following you, but also strengthens your bond with them. This rewarding system is an easy and effective way to engage with your fans.

ahmed-rizkhaan-428098-unsplash.jpg2) Preview new videos

This one can be your brand new music video, a yoga video, a new book trailer, or just a simple education content. Whichever it might be, videos are a great way to test out content and get comments, and also, just like previewing a brand new song, it is a great way to reward your fans and make them feel special for following you.

courtney-clayton-567565-unsplash (1).jpg

3) Exclusive merchandise

Limited edition songs, t-shirts and other merchandise are great ideas, provided that they come with a good design and a meaningful purpose. For instance, let’s say you release an album with 10 songs. In this case, releasing a 12 song special edition with two exclusive songs for your fans will go a long way. The same goes with creating a ‘regular’ t-shirt on your merchandise sales on your website, and then creating a special color or design edition for your superfans. This would not only generate extra revenue, but also would reinforce your solid relationship with your fans, just like the other ideas above.


4) Behind the scenes

One of my favorite content to share with my fans is providing videos and pictures of what is happening behind the scenes in shows and in studio. Especially studio content tends to be very valuable, because this way fans can see what the creation procedure is for a song. People love seeing the musicians they love in recording booth and it is especially very exciting to see the creation of a song for them. Seeing your favorite musicians in their natural environment is very cool content and usually very interesting. You can also take videos and photos during tours and regularly post it up for your superfans. This would also be a great way to announce fans that you will be in their town. All in all, sharing behind the scenes content is super helpful.


So, these are four main ideas to share exclusive content on Adva for your superfans. The most important thing is to keep on generating content and seeing which one is more effective is for your fans. There are no solid formulas, and its all trial and error to find the best way. So go out there and create some exclusive content for your superfans!


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