Meet Alper Tuzcu

personal_photo-829-300x300Many of you likely know that the majority of posts on THE KEYWORD blog are penned by Alper Tuzcu, a recent grad from Berklee College of Music and a terrific musician and composer. He was recently the subject of an interview with Boston Voyager magazine. You can read that interview here:

and we repeat some of the text:

Please tell us about Alper Tuzcu.
I compose and write songs, play guitar and record/produce my records. I wear many hats and get to do what I envision as an artist while collaborating with other artists from different cultures. I also like to mentor and educate other artists where I like to share the techniques of my craft, as well sharing as the joy of staying true to yourself and enjoying complete creative freedom.

The link is better, though, as it has some pictures of Alper worth checking out.


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