Send Texts for Free by recommending other Artists to take advantage of the Adva Mobile Platform

There’s a new feature on the Adva Mobile service and it can save you money on your Text Marketing expenses. Our new Referral Marketing program rewards Artists who recommend Adva Mobile to their Artist friends. Once a new Artist signs up and subscribes for at least one month, the referring Artist is credited with 500 SMS Text Credits (A $15.00 value!).

Here’s how it works. There’s a new link on the pop up box where your text credits are displayed, and where you can add more Text Credits to your Account:


When you click on this link, a new window opens up where you can enter the email address of your Artist friends, and send them a personalized message. We’ve started the message, but you can modify it.


When the new Artists sign up and subscribe for at least one month, we’ll automatically credit your account with 500 SMS Text Credits!

Take advantage of this terrific referral program, earn free text credits, and help other Artists grow their Fan database with mobile marketing services from Adva Mobile.


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