Seven Tips that will help your Mobile Marketing Efforts with Fans

Artists today have to try many things to stand out among a crowded competition. The right marketing strategy can be the difference between a growing fan base and buying SuperFans or a band struggling to find Fans. One way to go about promoting your art is through mobile marketing. It can help raise your brand awareness, increase your fan base, and grow your music, merch and shows revenues. While it will take some setup and planning process to put together, the benefits can be substantial if done successfully. Here are some tips for organizing a successful mobile marketing campaign.

1. Choose a mobile marketing platform.

Like Adva Mobile!! Seriously, though, there are several mobile marketing strategies that can work successfully for you. We recommend text marketing because over 90% of texts sent from an Artist to a Fan are viewed within three minutes of receipt. And links in texts are clicked on more than 60% of the time. Email , with its open rates around 20%, can still be effective, however, and while social media is hit or miss, and you’re not in control of who sees your message, your Fans are still on social media platforms. So, give some thought to the platform you want to use to get your message out to your Fans.

2. Target your Fans by location.

It is important to go where most of your Fans are to market your creative art. Do you know where your Fans are? Are you a local, regional, or national touring act? Targeting specific messages to fans in specific locations can demonstrate you relate to your Fans, and you can be more cost effective with your marketing spend by targeting by location.

3. Make your message mobile creative.

You want the reach out to your Fans to have one key message. Decide on what that message is, and then make sure you craft your text/email/post/image/landing page/etc. message that will be relevant to your Fans. Find a way to come up with a creative message design that presents a simple and strong message about your new art, upcoming shows, news, or interesting happenings your Fans will appreciate. Over time, you can send them messages about something to buy to support your art.

4. Make your message mobile friendly.

When you reach out to your Fans, you can be sure that more than 80% will view your message on a mobile device. So, make your message, and any web pages you send them to are mobile friendly. While more and more services start with a mobile first design, even legacy web sites need to be responsive (work well on all device platforms) today.

5. Promote through your brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are the faces that your Fans may encounter when seeing and hearing about you. These can be Fans, your Street Teams, Label marketers, and other individuals invested in seeing you succeed.  It’s helpful if the people you use to promote your message are personally affected by the art you create. They can use their personal experience to best relate to your target audience. The best examples are your target audience.

6. Use social media throughout the tour.

Your Fans are on social media, so it is hard to ignore these platforms for distributing your messages. You can combine social media with text, telling your Fans on social media to text you, and then delivering your message through a link to a web page. Or, have them call you directly using the new personal phone number on the Adva Mobile platform. You can leave a pre-recorded message for anyone that calls in. Social platforms can be used for pre-publicity efforts to drive excitement and participation.

7. Use an online landing page.

An online landing page can serve a variety of purposes to help you reach out to your Fans. The new Adva Mobile platform includes a landing page for collecting Fan phone numbers to opt in to your mobile marketing campaigns, and this page can be customized with graphics and text to deliver other messages at the same time. It’s set up to be optimized for desktop and mobile. For any digital ads you create, you can have them all directing traffic to your landing page to generate more buzz around your brand.

Implementing any of these strategies can help make your mobile marketing efforts a success. Be sure to utilize many different promotional tools to get the maximum amount of attention from your mobile marketing campaign.

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