Sign Up Landing Pages – A new tool to build your Fan Base

The NEW Adva Mobile platform includes a page you can easily create and promote to encourage Fans to sign up to send and receive Texts from you. In addition to having your Fans text you at your own personal Text number, directing Fans to this Landing Page form to enter their mobile number is an easy way to have Fans opt in to receiving texts from you.

It’s easy to customize your Sign Up Landing Page. The page template looks like this:

The page wants a background image and that’s easy to upload on the Landing Page Creation Form on the Portal.  We add text that says Please join our official mobile site by entering your 10 digit mobile phone number. You can also add your own personal message to the page. Here’s an example of a completed Sign Up Landing Page:

This page has its own URL: so now you just need to promote it and tell Fans to go there to sign up. When they do, we’ll automatically send them a text welcoming them to your official mobile site and also add them to your Fan database. You can now send texts to them and engage them to learn more about your fans.

The Sign Up Landing Page is a simple way to grow your Fan base. Another tool for you from Adva mobile to help with your creative career.

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