Why text messaging remains the top tool for Artist to Fan communications

Although there are a range of different platforms and while multi-channel marketing remains essential for many Artists, many report that their number one form of communication remains the text message.

The reason why Artists are opting for text messages is because most Fans, according to surveys, seem to prefer texting over any communication channel. For example, one survey discovered that nearly 80 percent of people expressed a primacy for text as the preferred communication link with an Artist. Reports also indicate that messaging is also up to eight times more preferred than social media communications. This preference is perhaps because social media is hit or messa and depends on the Fan seeing an Artist’s post, and emails too often go unread.

Artists can use this Fan preference to engage in text message marketing, which refers to any marketing campaign that uses text messages to deliver advertisements or promotions to a user.
Despite the strong demand for text messaging, and acceptance by Fans that the ‘Short Message Service’ (SMS) remains the leading option, less than 48 percent of Artists in the U.S. are technologically equipped to send and receive text messages from customers.

Adva Mobile provides Artists with these technology tools, helping Artists engage with Fans using text marketing. New features on the platform provide each Artist with their own phone number for texting Fans, and even provides a voice recording option for Fans that call the number.

In addition to text messages, picture messages, and voice mail, the Adva Mobile platform provides email marketing, a custom Web App with Landing Pages, a mobile storefront, and more.

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