Check Out Keyword Autoresponder – a Powerful New Feature on the Adva Mobile Platform

Now providing custom autoresponder messages when Fans text specific keywords to Your Personal text numbers

We’ve built a powerful new feature on the Adva Mobile platform to help you engage with your fans in a more personal way. It’s a new custom autoresponder message option when Fans text a specific, Artist defined keyword into your own unique text number. Your text number is the center of your mobile marketing efforts to acquire new fans, engage them on mobile devices, and sell to them.

Here are the flexible options Artists now have when a Fan Texts you on your personal Text Number:

For Fans that text you the First Time

They can text anything, and we opt them in to your Fan Database here:

  • A default message created by Adva
  • A Custom Message you can create for this First Time text
  • Choose to not send any response at all

For Fans that text you after the First Time

They are already opted in, and they can text anything:

  • A default message created by Adva
  • A Custom Message you can create for this First Time text
  • Choose to not send any response at all

For Fans that text a special Keyword

  • A Custom Message you can create for this unique Keyword

While we’re on text … when you are SENDING Texts back to Fans – not automated or autoresponder – you can

  • Text back to Fans for one – on – one conversations,
  • And also send out targeted text blasts to Fans based on location and other Artist defined Fan segments.

Sending custom texts to Fans based upon whet they text in is what’s new.

As you can see in the screen shot below The Artist Portal helps you create the Keyword, and then an auto-reply, based on the keyword that your DM to you.

The simple set-up process enables Artists to enter relevant keywords in a message that will trigger the automated response – so if Artists tell Fans to text “Houston”, for example, the Artist can provide information about their upcoming show in Houston, with a link to where to get tickets. Here’s what it looks like on the Fan’s mobile device: .

So, now you have a complete service to take advantage of these mobile technologies. You can build your fan base by having Fans text in to your own private text number, converse one on one with your fans, and send text and email blasts to targeted Fans about relevant information including show dates, new music and art, and news. Now, you can promote a show in Houston by having Fans text “Houston” – or anything they create – and deliver a specific, custom message about that show.

It’s all your Data

These custom keywords are also “Tags” that are associated with each Fan Profile. This helps you segment Fans that texted in “Houston”, and can be used to target these Fans the next time you have a show in Houston. This promotes increased ticket sales, as Fans often miss the news that their favorite band – you! – is coming to town. Fans that opt in to receiving texts and emails from you – you have their personal phone number, our text conversation platform, and we you direct engagement with your Fans, only possible when you are the custodian of your own audience.

 Keep reading about text message marketing in our blog.

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