4 Best Practices in Digital Marketing

Promotion in the Music Industry is Digital First and Foremost

A national PEW Research survey of self-described artists and an online survey of 2,755
musicians find Artists and musicians on all points of the spectrum from superstars to starving
singers have embraced the internet as a tool to improve how they make, market, and sell their
creative works. They use the internet to gain inspiration, build community with fans and fellow
artists, and pursue new commercial activity.
What are the successful Artists doing with digital marketing and how can you set yourself apart
from all the online noise?

TIP #1: Aim for Seamless Communications with your Fan Base

Today, Fans expect their interaction with Artists they like to be seamless and simple. That
means you should invest in digital marketing tools that make it easy for Fans to connect with
you from any device.
Most Fans consume music on their smartphones, and engagement with Artists is increasing as a
result. Once a Fan moves from finding or listening to you on Spotify or YouTube or other
streaming services, you need to offer them a great experience when they connect with you on
your website, or through email or text. Software that lets you connect with text from either
desktop or mobile can assist this interaction.

TIP #2: Be Transparent

Fans value that transparency that come with recommendations from others about your music. Promote transparency in your own dealings with Fans by managing your online reputation, and by responding to Fans in a way that shows you are listening to them and grateful for their feedback.

One way to be transparent with your Fans is to be clear with them about how you feel about file sharing. Artists are split on this issue. The Pew survey reports that 46% of artists believe that it should be legal to send a digital copy of music over the internet to someone they know, but 49% say it should be illegal. Where do you stand on this issue?

TIP #3: Right Message, Right Place, Right Time

As Fans consume music, most music is discovered through a variety of different platforms. You can promote your music through these channels, however, don’t miss the opportunity to be proactive with Fans who have discovered you and want to learn more. Invest in delivering a great experience on your website and use email and text to capture Fans details for your Fan database and reach out to them proactivity at the right times, and with the right messages. Many text and email platforms provide advanced segmentation, so targeting Fans with news about upcoming shows in their area, or new merchandise that might be more appropriate for women, for example, will keep your messaging relevant and interesting.

TIP #4: Use Metrics to Drive Decisions

Being active on multiple platforms enables you to reach more Fans. Still, for maximum efficiency, focus your energies on your most effective channels. 

Survey your Fans, on social media, text, and email, about where your Fans discover and consume your music. Adding this data to a Fan profile helps you take advantage of key metrics that help you drive even more awareness and acquire new Fans. Take advantage of digital marketing software that provides analytics that can help you identify what’s working and determine how you can drive increased engagement.

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