The Mobile Advantage (Part 2)

In Part 1 The Mobile Advantage (Part 1) of this blog post, we identified The Mobile Advantage and described why it was such a powerful tool for your marketing efforts, which should be grounded in direct contact and relationship building. In Part 2, we look at how to use mobile marketing and the tools that augment text marketing. The Adva Mobile platform is intuitive and designed to be very simple, but there are some good rules of thumb to follow when creating your own text marketing messages.

Using the “glass half full glass half empty” metaphor, there is a terrific advantage to texts used in text marketing is the fact that texts are incredibly short. Text marketing is at its best when the messages are as concise as possible but also contain a lot of valuable information in a small place. For that, we use a text marketing technology called SMS (short message service) messaging. SMS messages are very inexpensive to send and require very little data to transmit. They can be sent as cheaply as possible to as many people as possible. The character limitation on SMS messages is 160 characters. 

While this may seem like a negative, it can be a great way develop your discipline for being concise and to the point. Your Fans don’t want to read marketing messages that take more than a few seconds to read. If you are able to send small messages that contain a lot of information, and a link to a place to get more information, you are meeting the requests from your Fans about how they want to use text to connect with you.  You should give some thought to the timing of the SMS Text messages you send. Generally, 8AM to 8pm is OK.  You are legally not allowed to send texts beyond these times. But it is also important because people tend to be much more responsive to text messages if they are sent at the right times. Depending on the demographics that are receiving the messages, they may be more or less likely to respond and interact with messages if they are sent at certain times. As you use text to connect with your Fans, you will learn about who your target audiences is.

The Adva Mobile platform helps you group these people together and send messages that are even more personal and relevant to the Fans that receive them. For example, using the Adva Mobile service, you can send different messages to younger and older groups of people, people in specific locations, or even people who have “scored” high based upon their frequent engagement with you, or purchases they have made. Narrowing the range of recipients makes your text marketing much more effective and powerful. Just like an email subject heading, you should try to make it so that your messages are unique and attention grabbing. Being creative is very important in all forms of marketing, and especially text marketing. You can do this with the Adva Mobile platform by sending photos, videos, and audio messages to your Fans. These can be effective because they elevate your connection with them above just being blocks of simple text.

Another good lesson for effective text marketing is to include a call to action in your message. Calls to action inform your audience of ways that they can actually affect their own lives. Your Fans want to engage you. Sending them a link to check out, new content to see or hear, notices about upcoming shows, news about your creative life, etc. are all ways that they can engage with you on a personal level.  If you are receiving text messages from brands that you are interested in, you can use these as a guide to help determine effective text messages that might come from you. You can pay attention to how text marketing works today and add your own spin to it.

Create your marketing messages to fit in the 160 character limit of SMS Text, prioritizing conciseness, clarity, and calls to action and you’ll make your text marketing messages powerful and capable of reaching your Fans in highly effective ways.


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