Three Terrific SMS Marketing Tips and Strategies from the Experts at Adva Mobile

Short Message Service (SMS) is a great marketing tool because it has a 98 percent open rate. It is THE foundation technology for the Adva Mobile marketing platform. It works well whether you are starting your creative career and building your Fan Database or are well established in your career and still enjoy connecting with your Fans, driving traffic to your website and providing valuable content to your Fans. So, if this seems like something you could benefit from, keep on reading to find out how you can do it.

Using automated messaging

Automated messaging is a great SMS marketing tool because it can be used to build and maintain relationships with your customers. Automated messages can be delivered as soon as new music, news show dates or other relevant information is available, as well as special offers and discounts just by sending out one message. These automated messages improve the Fan experience and increase overall returns. For example, once your tour schedule is established, you could send out at Text Blast and, when Fans respond, send them an automated SMS with a link to the Tour schedule and where to buy tickets. By using automated messaging, your Fans receives critical information at exactly the right time. Many studies show that Fans miss news of upcoming show dates, and don’t go to your concert because they were not aware you were in town.

Using promotional offers

Promotional offers are another great way to utilize SMS messaging because it is targeted towards specific customers depending on their preferences. Promotional offers are cost-effective and have a high ROI, which is why it’s one of the best marketing strategies for emerging Artists on a tight budget. For example, you could offer special discounts or free products to your SuperFans – those Fans that have a high engagement score and therefore are known to support your creative art. Or target newly signed up Fans with something special as an incentive to purchase something from your Store. You can also customize promotional messages with images and videos to make them stand out against other musicians, which will help draw attention towards you. By utilizing SMS messaging in this way, it allows you to push promotional messages out through bulk SMS services, making them appear more reputable, and with a higher open rate, than traditional email blasts.

Using mobile coupons

Mobile coupons are another great strategy because it enables you to send an SMS message straight to your customers’ cell phone without the need to print anything out. By doing this, it guarantees that your customers will receive your promotional messages, which means more return on investment. For instance, if your fans receive a promotion for 10 percent off their next purchase, they can redeem it immediately. You can either send them to a link to obtain a code to redeem, or include an image of a coupon with a redeem code right in the image that’s part of the SMS message. 

You can also reward loyal Fans with exclusive promotions that aren’t advertised anywhere else, which will help build stronger relationships over time since they’ll feel valued and appreciated.  It’s also another way to push your message out through Adva’s bulk SMS services.

SMS marketing is a great way for creative Artists to reach a wider audience and improve the level of relationship building that’s critical to your growth and success. By utilizing these strategies, you can ensure that your Fans will be satisfied with their experience when they engage you on their mobile phones and your career will take off. So, try it and see for yourself!

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