New Artist Web App Templates and MORE here on Monday!

Release Day is Finally here! Our latest Adva Mobile software is set to go live MONDAY JANUARY 21. With this release, we’re introducing new RESPONSIVE Web App designs (will look great on mobile – tablet – desktop), a host of new features to acquire, engage and sell to fans, and new options for Texting your […]

Ableton Loop 2018: A Summit for Music Makers

This week, we’re going to feature Srishti Biyani, who is a Boston based music producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Last November, Srishti visited the  Ableton Loop 2018 Summit in Los Angeles. She wrote her observations and experiences during the conference for Adva. We hope you enjoy this read it as much as we did!

3 Tools You Need to Create Lyric Videos

One of the most engaging content you can use on your social media accounts are videos.  Why do they keep people engaged? Simply put, they are shiny, they have music and they are colorful! As the grown up kids as we are, videos naturally grab our attention.  Moreover we like to write comments to them, or give a little thumbs up or share it with our friends and family. Video is the ultimate way of reaching out to our fans as independent artist.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Music for 2019

2018 is coming to an end in few days and before we move on, the holiday season is a great time to prepare your music and your social media branding ready for 2019. Here are 5 ways you can prepare your music and your social media branding for 2019! 1) Make a playlist of your […]