2019 Text Communications report from EZ Texting

EZ Text Communications is a Text Service provider – not the one used by Adva Mobile, however a player in this space. They produce an annual report about the progress and use made by businesses using text marketing to reach their audience. In addition to the statistics about adoption that are now known by most organizations following this technology, such as:

  • 50% of consumers check their phones five or more times per hour.
  • Most consumers read text messages within five minutes of receiving them and reply to messages within three minutes of reading them.
  • 86% of small business owners who utilize text messaging indicate that texting offers higher engagement than email communication.

the report offers additional insight useful to musicians and creative Artists seeking to connect with their fans.


This chart, with our annotations, is a page from their report. It’s instructive for creative Artists trying to master the business side of their creative careers. The important statistic to notice is that consumers / fans want to receive texts for appointment reminders – show notices in Artist – Speak – and Contests, two easy activities to schedule on the Adva Mobile platform.

The report concludes that businesses / Artists are not yet matching their outreach behavior with Fan preferences.


Other “end of year” reports about Text Marketing for Businesses (Artists) are glowing about it’s future. Texting is most similar to Twitter in terms of typical message length, and while Twitter is useful for getting a message out to a large audience, text messages are opened and engaged with at a much higher rate, and more than half of consumers say they’d act on offers such as mobile coupons within a week.

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