SurveyMonkey introduces SMS based Surveys 10 years late, only for premium subscribers

We’re guessing everyone reading this knows SurveyMonkey, the online survey platform started in 1999. It’s now a $200M business with 600,000 customers – that’s a business success story. Last week SurveyMonkey has launched SMS Collector, allowing companies to distribute surveys to their customers as text messages via a weblink, which recipients can then click on to respond to the survey via a mobile browser.

The news garnered a lot of press, including and


that showed up in my news feed.

Adva Mobile Artists have had SMS based surveys as part of all plans we offer for more than 10 years.

One feature SurveyMonkey recognized when they introduced surveys via text is the immediacy of feedback. “The hope is that the SMS collector will garner quicker feedback, as according to SurveyMonkey, most text messages are read within three minutes. Text messages also have higher open rates than email messages, therefore leading to a higher survey response rate, according to SurveyMonkey.”


“The SurveyMonkey SMS collector is only available to SurveyMonkey Enterprise customers and will be a paid feature.” On the Adva Mobile platform, it’s always been part of the service.

Your Fans love surveys – we all do. Next time you’re looking to engage your fans on their journey to becoming buying SuperFans, try sending them a survey.


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