New Adva Mobile Artist to Fan Text Conversations Set to Transform Mobile Marketing Engagement for Creative Artists

The following is the text of a Press Release issued January 6, 2021.

Text Marketing service First to offer one-to-one text, targeted text blasts, and Text to grow Fans to the Creative Artist Community

Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for creative Artists to acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans, expanded their popular marketing platform with new one to one text conversations between Creative Artists and their Fans. Adding personal one to one text communications to texts blasts and email blasts enhance Fan engagement and are a step up from anything else available to Artists for text marketing solutions.

Artists that want to communicate and engage their fans with text – which are opened and read 97% of the time, far more than email or social media – now have a complete service to take advantage of these mobile technologies. Artists can build their fan base by having Fans text in to their own private text number, converse one on one with their fans, and send text and email blasts to targeted Fans about relevant information including show dates, new music and art, and news.

Intelligent Autoresponder technology

The Adva Mobile platform includes a personal phone number for each Artist to use to text with Fans. Now, when Fan text in to their favorite Artist, custom autoresponder messages can be sent to the Fan acknowledging this communications. What’s new is the ability to also individually respond to each Fan’s text, using a simple user interface that promotes one to one response to Fan Texts.  

Text, and the integrated engagement tools on the Adva Mobile Platform, are used to fundamentally change the way Artists interact with their Fans. The Artist – Fan relationship is important to both Fan and Artist and this relationship is enhanced because of the closeness that text messaging provides. Now, Artists can talk to their Fans personally like they would any of their friends.

It’s about the Data

One to one messaging with Engaged Fans helps identify supporting, paying SuperFans. Artists struggle with their current Fan Database because there is no way to learn which Fans actually buy their Art or come to their shows. Text conversations encourage Fans to share information about themselves, and this data is extremely valuable as it provides Artists with insights about who is supporting their art. “The data belongs to the Artist, and the data is private between Artist and Fan.” said Jack Kelly, CEO of Adva Mobile. “With their personal phone number and our text conversation platform, we provide Artists direct engagement with their Fans, only possible when the Artist is the custodian of their own audience.”

These new capabilities augment the already strong existing Platform which provides Artists with Interactive Web App Landing Pages, Email Marketing, CRM Fan database and campaign creation and management tools.  Fan interaction on the Landing Pages is captured and associated with individual Fan Profiles, which help Artists understand engagement and identify which Fans are Superfans and ready to buy.  “Pour over your email list and try to identify your supportive, paying Fans, On the Adva Mobile platform, it’s as easy as segmenting by Engagement Score.” said Kelly.

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