Be Like Tom (Brady)!

Conversational Text with your Fans is a trending activity among creative Artists, including one creative Artist that plies his craft on the football field. On Monday (3/15/21) Tom posted a video on Twitter announcing he was putting his phone number up for Fans to Text him. Check it out: .

Why? The same reason Adva Mobile Artists use text marketing to connect with their Fans. “Really, though, what this is is a tool that will allow me to communicate more directly with my fans and my followers where we can actually do a better job of responding to you and your questions and all the great messages.” says Tom. and “If you do text me ‘you suck,’ yes, I’ll see it, and I may or may not respond. So, shoot me a message. I promise I’m going to get back to as many of you guys as possible when I have the time.”

Just like you, Tom is engaging his Fans and building his Fan base, and Text is a perfect tool to create those one to one communications that strengthen loyalty and contribute to more sales.

We wrote a blog article about the new Conversational Text feature on the Adva Mobile platform in January, it’s at .

Check it out, and take advantage of the new feature on the Adva Mobile platform and start the <text> conversation with your Fans.

Be Like Tom!

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